ma va' is the expression of a family tradition handed down from grandmother to mother and daughters, the manifestation of a sartorial heritage, the continuation of the principle of expressing oneself in an individual way, the realization of the idea of ​​inventing one's own original style.

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We believe that now, more than ever, we as a society are at a
critical moment. To balance the scales for a better tomorrow, we
we must change our models as individuals, but also ask more from the companies we interface with.


We believe in careful and conscious consumption. We try to create clothes that last a long time and can be worn on the most varied occasions because behind every dress there is research, study, innovation, craftsmanship, all timeless values ​​that come together in every garment made. We care deeply about doing things the right way. But we also want to manage our business in the right way, because at the basis of our work there is the vivid memory of our past, our tradition, our studies, the respect of the people with whom we collaborate, the desire to establish with our customers a friendly relationship that does not disappear with the simple and immediate sale, the continuous construction of a serene and lively work environment, the search for materials and accessories produced exclusively in Italy. All of this is as important to us as the clothes we make. Our beliefs push and motivate us to do better and we know we can always do better.


Every single dress we sell is cut, packaged and sewn in the same space where it is designed, tested and marketed.

We do things differently: we sell directly in our showroom

or on our website, we only rely on a few trusted shops to reach you even far away, we do not produce in excess, we do not believe in standardization and massification. Our process is slow and this allows us to focus on the quality of our product, the quality of our work, the quality of our life and the quality of the experience we can offer each of you.

The only production phase that is outsourced to the Padua Manufacturing Laboratories to reproduce the garments in different sizes on the model of the prototype created is the mass production of the size development.

In this way, we are able to support craftsmanship in our local community, while offering the opportunity to have hands-on supervision throughout the entire design process. By working closely with our partners through long-term working relationships, we are able to achieve the best possible quality through expert feedback from our partners and close communication.